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The Easter Sunday Breakfast


Welcome back to the Messiah Retrospective. As I'm sure you all know, the first sunday of Easter was on April 21st. Messiah Lutheran Church celebrated Christ's ressurection that day with a sunrise service at 6:30 a.m., followed with a rather eventful breakfast in between the sunrise service and the regular one. The sunrise service was a very special event, beginning with members gathering around a small firebowl burning outside the church. It was a chilly morning, but the warmth of the fire let us gather close around it and share it together in joy of Christ's triumph over death. Eventually the service was taken inside, where we concluded the sunrise service with songs, communion, and prayer.

After the sunrise service, everyone was able to move to the back of the building to partake in the Easter breakfast. A delicious spread of scrambled eggs, sausage, quiches, fruits, muffins, and all manner of food was laid at the table for people to enjoy. It was a delightful time for everyone, but it wasn't without some excitement brewing outside the walls.

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While the embers of the flames in the firebowl had cooled since the early morning, some of the coals were still hot. When the remains were dumped near the brush pile, those coals began to smolder and burn again. It didn't take long for the flames to fully engulf the pile of dried out wood. While we wanted a fire to help celebrate that Easter morning, this probably was not what we had in mind.

As the fire raged, and the firefighters raced to the scene, everyone inside the church were still in high spirits. Hearing word spread about the fire outside, people rushed to the window in excitement! People marveled at the size of the fire, which was safely across the parking lot from the church. Some joked about how we had wanted the old shed to be burned down anyway. Others reminded them with a chuckle that this wasn't quite what they had in mind.

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As swiftly as the fire had grown, it faded again just as fast. The firefighters arrived, with most of the blaze already being put out, and set about quenching the flame for good. The entire event ended happily with no one being hurt and the old shed still standing. The members of the church who had recently arrived moved to the sanctuary for service and those who had been there since sunrise went to their cars to leave. Everyone went home that Easter morning with hearts filled with joy for Christ's ressurection and memories filled with a good story to tell for years to come.

Quilt Sunday Cross Gen Activity

It may have been a while since we've had an update to the Messiah Retrospective, but that doesn't mean the fun has stopped here at Messiah Lutheran Church!


On March 17th, we celebrated Quilt Sunday by showing off our art skills in a Cross Gen activity.  Members from our church came together after service to make prayer bags for the ELCA's upcoming churchwide assembly in Milwaukee this summer. Using the day's quilt themes, we decorated our bags with a patchwork of colored paper and words to express what the church means to us. As much as this event was a fun art project, this was also an opportunity for conversation amongst the members of our church.

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I hope everyone who attended had fun decorating their bags for the churchwide assembly! If you are interested in volunteering to help with the churchwide assembly this summer, make sure to check out the Volunteer Opportunities page for information and a link to ELCA's website for the event.

Welcome to the Messiah Retrospective!

Hello! This is the Messiah Retrospective, the place where we can look back on the events at Messiah Lutheran Church and relive some of the memories. This may not be a complete picture of everything that happens here at our church, but hopefully this can be a place where you can go to see what an amazing time everyone had here.

Make sure to be a part of these memories we'll have!

The Chocolate Brunch

On February 10th, we had the Chocolate Potluck Brunch!

So many people brought such delectable and chocolately dishes to share with one another in the spirit of fellowship. From chocolate pies to chocolate cookies, chocolate eclairs to chocolate chip muffins, and chocolate cake to a genuine chocolate fountain. There was even some chocolate chili and chocolate beer! The tables were truly blessed with a myriad of wonderful choclate dishes for our chocolate feast, with enough for everyone to eat their fill.


I hope everyone had a fantastic time at the brunch. I know I did!  There was so much great food there, that for some of it I didn't even know what to call it other than chocolatey and delicious. That's all I have to say for now, so I hope to see everyone again for the next big event at our church. Until then, God's peace to you, and see you for the next Messiah Retrospective!