Our Mission (Our purpose. Why we're here.)

"To be faithful witnesses to the Gospel of Jesus Christ in our community and the world"

We hope we are fulfilling this mission in our daily lives.  We are saints and sinners.  Many in our church describe us as a close-knit family.  And we do well in supporting each other in time of need.  Our youth group is a source of pride.  With great facilitation by our youth director and helpful parents, it is continuing to develop.  No one person or group within our church knows how everyone is responding to the call of mission and service.  God knows.  The lay workers along with our Pastor are the ones doing the behind the scenes work to help provide the Sunday worship, education, outreach, and care of the physical structure of the church.

Our Vision (HOW we carry out our mission.)

Building partnerships...sharing God's love in tangible ways.

Getting to know our community and working together to share God's love is a great way for us to practice our mission statement in the world. This school year (2022-2023) we are partnering with area schools and working together with each of them one to two months of the year to help provide some of the needs they have communicated to us.