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Talking to Your Children About Drugs:

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Drug addiction is a tough subject to tackle, especially for a parent and their child. Thankfully, has a fantastic guide for parents that informs you on everything you need to know about drug use and addiction by children and teens. They can help you develop a strategy for identifying the warning sugns of substance abuse in your children and to prevent it from happening.



Addiction Center provides you with everything you need to know about the various aspects of drug and alcohol addiction. Addiction and substance abuse is a growing problem in America, and Addiction Center has a passion for helping people deal with and overcome their struggles with it. Please visit their website if you want more information on recovery from substance abuse.


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Where Families Find Answers on Substance Use  |  Partnership for Drug-Free Kids




Sober Nation provides resources for finding rehab centers near you, as well as articles and videos from people fighting drug addiction and helping others on the journey to sobriety.


Other Parental Resources:

null offers a comprehensive guide for overcoming low self-esteem. If your child is too hard on themselves, focuses on their failures rather than successes, or lacks confidence, they may be dealing with issues of low self-esteem. 449 Recovery's guide they publish will help you talk with your child about this issue and find a solution to help give them confidence. They have professionals who treat low self-esteem as a recovery process, and desire to have an impact on as many people as possible through their help.

Check out their online guide here:



MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) builds circles of moms who love each other like family. Women around the world are starting MOPS groups in churches, hospitals, YMCAs, homes, coffee shops, correctional facilities and on military bases, and profound things are taking place.

Our gatherings are where moms can meet to share their hopes, fears and insights, in a format that works with their schedules, that doesn’t neglect their faith nor their womanhood, their motherhood nor their purpose, their heart nor their mind. We provide you the resources to join a group, start your own, or become a member.



Sticky Faith is a ministry framework and parenting philosophy backed by practical and proven ideas to help develop long-term faith in teenagers.



FreeGrantsForWomen is a website that helps provide low income women with financial assistance and the resources to find grants for them. These grants help families with education, rent, housing, utility bills, mortgage, and medical bills.

Visit their website at the following link to learn more:



Explore a wide variety of topics for parents to discuss with their children on the Sesame Street in Communities website. Topics deal with heavy topics like helping kids grieve, dealing with divorce, and community violence, to lighter topics such as eating well, family bonding, and developing skills.



Towne & Country Lanes is a great place to take the family out for a fun time through bowling. They also host numerous events and fundraisers, so check out their website for more information!


FreeGrantsForVeterans is a website that offeres free detailed information on grants for veterans. Though not all the grants on their website are available exclusively for veterans, some are exclusive opportunities for veterans. If you or someone you know are a veteran, please visit their website for more information.